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About Tex-Mog

The organizational meeting of the Morgan Motor Car Club (Tex Mog) was in December 1974, in Dallas, Texas. The primary force behind the organization was Jim Woodyard, who started making a list of Morgans of which he became aware soon after acquiring his own in 1970. The list included license numbers of Morgans he saw on the street, whereupon he checked the ownership through the State license office. The first attempt at a get-together was in June 1974 and resulted in the appearance of nine Morgans of various descriptions, including one three-wheeler. Jim Woodyard, Chuck Harris, Bob Moses and Bill Boyles made up a nucleus around which the club was initially formed.

An interest in the marque is the only criterion for club membership. There are no written by-laws nor have any been necessary. The aim of the group is to share the troubles and triumphs of Morgan ownership. The club newsletter, the MogĀ 
Log, is a monthly publication.

While the Morgan Motor Car Club was the initial Morgan club founded in Texas, and all of its badges feature the Texas Lone Star, the club was not meant to be a local, provincial organization. Rather, the organizers hoped to include and serve all Morgan enthusiasts in the southwest portion of the United States that were unrepresented by a formal organization. Hence, the non-regional official naming of the club as the Morgan Motor Car Cub. This goal seems to have been proven out, as the present membership includes membersĀ from nine states and two foreign countries.

MMCC members are known for their lack of appreciation of obstacles to Morgan driving. Although most of the cars are now over 35 years old, members have driven their Morgans to destinations south to New Orleans and Galveston, northwest to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, northeast to Nova Scotia, as well as to both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts, and many places in-between