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The "Mog Log" is the official newsletter of Tex Mog. Open a month to view activity reports.
Tex Mog Noggins
Back issues of the Mog Log
Whenever Tex Moggers get together, the gathering is known as a 'Noggin'.  Be sure that you are always welcome to join us!  Below are some photos of Noggins past
Tex Mog Flying Squad
The Tex Mog Flying Squad is a gathering of members to help improve their Morgans.  

Morgan's are unlike most other cars, an owner can often feel isolated when something breaks and needs to be repaired. In keeping with the purpose of TEX-MOG, to help keep as many Morgan's on the road as possible, the club has formed the FLYING SQUAD. 

When a member needs help making repairs or tackling that big job a call to the Squad will bring out members to help Yes, some sit and kibitz but the squad does have some knowledgeable members as well as some who are just plain lucky.
Taillight lens, no big deal...oops!
There is always electrics to sort out 
Those who can do, the others instruct 
Let's see, exhaust bearing, right up here?
See the Mog Log for Reports and pictures on:

Texas All British Car Days

Brits in the Ozarks

SW Classic Car Show


Check the Calendar entries often for changes of dates, events and other alterations or updates. 

Cars and Coffee Dallas - 1st Saturday of every month - 8 - 12 AM - Classic BMW - 6800 Dallas Parkway NE corner of Dallas North Tollway @ Spring Creek Parkway.
Some 500 - 600 cars usually in attendance, so one needs to show up about 7:00 AM to get decent parking

25th February (Sunday) 1:00pm: Annual Box Day Party and Gift Exchange (Jeff & Yvonne hosts)

March Tour: TBD

6th May (Sunday): All British and European Car Day at White Rock Lake.

May: Date TBD; Winery and Dinery Tour (Simmons/Harris hosts)