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Tex Mog Auto Jumble (classifieds)
This section is open to all who have something to sell or in search of an item.  
Please submit only adverts related to Morgans or related items. (no TVs or pets)
Disclaimer:  Tex Mog CANNOT be responsible for the accuracy of these ads or the quality of the merchandise...BUYER BEWARE.
"Best in class parts & service! "
Below you will find a list of local businesses which have supplied parts or services to Morgan owners. The list is not limited to places that we liked, but also lists places from which we obtained poor service or parts. Some have been used for a single purchase and while the service may have been good or bad we can not guarantee that your experience will be the same. 

We have included the comments of the person submitting the referral. If your experience with a supplier is different than what we have, or for that matter the same or better go ahead and give is your comments to add to the listing. 

For a listing of National Parts and Service Suppliers try the GOMOG listing at

If you would like to contact the person who submitted the information for more details, Email me at  You should also submit any referrals you might like to add the same email address.

We need referrals for Paint and Body work, Mechanical work, general British Auto Parts, Tires and much more !

(note: we have no problem with several different businesses being listed for the same service) 

Full Restorations and Sheet Metal Work
Customs by Ray
670 CR 183
Gainesville,TX 76240
Tel: 940-668-0336

One of the biggest issues we have as owners of unique, collectible or orphaned automobiles, are parts and service. No matter what make your favorite vehicle is, finding parts for them is getting more difficult. Trying to find somebody to service your car or do any type of machine work—especially if you are rebuilding the motor—is becoming worrisome. And, lastly if you have the misfortune of being involved in an accident, trying to find a competent body shop, or one that will even consider repairing your car, is becoming impossible. If you want a total restoration, good luck! Today is the time of replacement parts-which usually do not fit—and bondo!

I have had the good fortune of finding a master metal smith who not only does complete restorations, but is willing to help you if you are involved in an accident. Most restoration shops will be happy to do your restoration, but for something not so involved, they will also be just as happy to send you elsewhere.

Most of you are probably familiar with Ray Wall but are not aware of it. Pebble Beach is Mecca when it comes to the world of first-class-open-checkbook-money-is-no-object restorations, and Ray has been part of this world for the past 22 years. Ray was the master metal fabricator and painter for Bob Smith Coachworks. Most people have heard of Bob Smith Coachworks, and many have even been to his facility in Gainesville, Texas. He has been gracious enough to host many open houses where car dub members could view his restoration facility and the vehicles that were in the shop being restored. Millions of dollars of cars all in various stages of rebuilding under one roof is a sight to behold. What we as club members did not know, was that Ray Wall was the master fabricating metal body parts and complete metal bodies and then painting these consistent Pebble Beach winners.

After 22 years of working with Bob Smith, Ray decided to open Auto Restoration and Customs by Ray.

I had spoken to Bob Smith about repairing some accident damage to my 1970 AAR Cuda. This is obviously not the type of car that Bob Smith restores, but I wanted to have the crumpled fender and valance straightened out and I knew that this could be accomplished in his shop. Original sheet metal is important to me, and ultimately I did not want the replacement parts I had found to be used when I repaired the accident damage. The insurance company had paid for replacement parts as they felt the damaged parts were beyond salvation. Bob suggested that I speak to Ray, and after looking at my car, Ray agreed to straighten the parts and repair the car. The results were absolutely fabulous. The car looked as good as new when Ray was finished.

I was so pleased with the results, that I am now having Ray do all the metal repair and metal fabrication on my 1963 Apollo GT.

By visiting the website, you can see the before, during and after pictures of these two vehicles while they were in his shop.

What does this mean for all of us who have these special types of vehicles? We now have a place to go and a person to help us if we require special needs for our vehicles which we were not able to provide before. Needs that are beyond our metal fabrication skills, needs that require special tools, or the need of finding somebody who will do the work properly, fairly and honestly.

refered by: Ted Glover 05/15/2011

​Sports Car Specialties
Squires, Missouri 65755. 
Cell: (417) 543-8765 Jon Thompson
Tex-Mog does not know this company, from their web site they look to be a very professional full-service restoration shop.  I you have had any personal experience with them Tex-Mog would like to know.

Power Brakes
American Power Brake 
652 W Mockingbird 
Dallas, TX  75247
214 350 5611 ( a Car Quest Auto Parts Shop)

these guys rebuilt the power brake booster for my '68 Jeepster Commando

Stainless Steel Sheet metal Fabrication 
Astro Sheet Metal 
205 Sharon
 Irving TX 
PH: 972-438-1110

Okay you may not have much use for this service but if you do want to reproduce a part for your Morgan in Stainless Steel this place may be able to do it for you. Note: it won't be cheap!  

Referred by : Bob Nogueira 

Upholstery Material, Carpeting, Top Material , Leather  
Keyston Brothers
5036 Sharp St
Dallas, TX
PH: 972-623-3200

This is a national automotive upholstery supplier's local shop. They will allow you to walk around the warehouse to see what they have in stock. They can order anything they don't have from one of there other locations. They have a full line of vinyl and top materials including Hartz cloth.

Referred by Bob Nogueira

FT Auto 
705 Main Street
Garland, TX, 75040
Larry Phillips CELL: 972/854-3453

Larry is the mechanic who was at Automotive Innovations and is now at a new shop. We have used him for our Morgan, and so have several other club members. He is familiar with 1960’s and 1970’s British autos. He is enthusiastic working on Morgans and with Morgan owners.

Referred by Bill Boyles

British Auto Parts and Restoration Service  
Kips Motors 
2127 Crown Road
Dallas, TX
PH: 972-243-0440

Kips can supply anything from a Lucas fuse to a total rebuild of your car. He specializes in Orphan British cars most of which share parts with Morgan's. The work shop does accident repair, repaints, or a full restoration. He probably has one of the largest New Old Stock collection of parts in the USA.

He can manufacture a new wiring harness complete with proper wire colors and woven cover. 

Referred by Bob Nogueira 
Used by several club members  

Mey's Foreign Car Service
1726 Young Pl
Tyler, TX 75708

The shop is a small family run business. Helmut Mey has been working on European cars since he was a teenager.  He is very reasonably priced and he knows these old foreign cars like the back of his hand. I have seen full restorations he has done on cars that have sold easily for 6 figures. I took my TR3 there after I had some issues post restoration, he got my car running better than I ever imagined it could run. If you want more details, please feel free to call me.
Reffered by: Jeff Dethlefsen

Metal Supermarket 
1216 Dolton
Dallas, TX
PH: 972-445-2008  

This place is exactly what the name says, it is a large store that does nothing but sell metal retail. 

You can by one foot or as much as you need to build a car. They carry all gauges and types of metal, rods, tubes, sheets steel aluminum you name it and will cut it to what ever size you want. 

The price will be slightly more than what you might pay from a sheet metal shop.

Referred by Bob Nogueira  

Bearing and Seals  
Purvis Bearing 
10500 Stemmons Fwy 
Dallas, TX 
PH: 214- 366- 0095

You can't walk in here and ask for a wheel bearing for you 1966 Morgan. This is a industrial supplier and they deal in only the bearing numbers or measuring and matching the actual bearing or seal. If you can get the bearing number off the internet at then they can cross reference it and find you a match.  The counter people will spend 30 - 40 minutes trying to match up a seal for you that they sell for $5.95.

Buying roller or ball bearings from a bearing supplier can sometime be half the price you would pay from a auto parts store. 

Referred by : Bob Nogueira;  Also in Texarkana, Texas - Bill Beecher

Bumper Repair  
Quality Bumper 
1155 So Haskell
Dallas, TX
PH: 214-824-7300

Years ago the town was filled with places which would straighten and re-chrome a bent bumper. Today the only one I could find was Quality Bumper. They deal primarily in the new plastic bumpers but have someone who still knows how to straighten a chrome bumper. The chrome work was very good given the limitations on chrome plating today. Price wise they were half the price of a new bumper and the chrome work was far superior to some of the chrome I have seen on 'reproduction' bumpers 

Referred by : Bob Nogueira 

Update Feb 2013- Took my Isetta bumper to be straightened, some holes welded and re chromed. Sad to say the result was not very good. The welded up holes could be seen through the chrome plating, and the weld had several pitts. the cost was equal to the cost of a new Stainless Steel bumper. 

Pay your money and take your chances - Bob Nogueira  

Machine Shop - Welding  
Minnette Enterprises 
11590 Reader Road
Dallas, TX
PH: 972-241-7184

I have had several people in the auto body business tell me the thought Mike Minnette was one of the best welders in the area. He has a shop where he does welding and can do some machine shop work. His primary business is fabricating and modifying cars for the Hot Rod set. There is not much that I haven't seen him fabricate from gas tanks, roll bars , to car chassis. It's pretty much a one man shop and he lives and breathes building cars. When you walk into the shop you will be greeted by a couple of dogs which keep him company. No office, and notes are taken on the back of a envelope while phone numbers are written on the back of his hand. 

His work is outstanding but I have only had small jobs done. There are no calendars in the shop and this is reflected in his adhesion to promised delivery dates

Prices are not cheap but the work is always done right.

Submitted by : Bob Nogueira 

Generators & Starters  
American Armature & Generator Co.
P.O. Box 124, Weston TX 75097-0124
Shipping and Physical Address: 7323 Honey Creek Rd. Celina, TX 75009
Phone: 214-823-1383
Fax: 214-823-1385
Toll Free: 1-877-533-9008

This place has been in operation since the 1930's, The founders son and his wife, Cindy, now run the shop.  For many years it was a main stay of all cars with Lucas Electrics as they specialize in rebuilding starters and generators. The fact that they have not been close down buy the big rebuilders and auto supply stores says a lot about the quality of there work. You won't get a life time guarantee but then you won't need it with one of their rebuilds. They do not take short cuts and if what you bring them is not worth rebuilding they will tell you . Expect to pay more but you will get your money worth. 

As a side note, go there once and come back in five years and Cindy will not only remember your name and what kind of car you have but can tell you what you brought in last time you were in to visit. 

Finally the ' office ' looks like what a generator rebuild shops office should look like 

Referred by : Bob Nogueira 

I have used American Armature since about 1971 and have been quite satisfied with the generator, alternator and starter work. All the road Racing drivers recommended them. Should point out though, that they will do no testing in situ. In other words, you must remove the unit and take it to them for testing, analysis and repair.

Bill Boyles 

Chrome Plating  
Economy Plating
11224 Limestone Dr. 
Balch Springs, TX  

It is surprising that given the EPA anyone can do chrome plating anymore. Economy is primarily a industrial plating shop doing big jobs for manufacturers but they will take in the small chrome plating job. Don't expect to get award winning parts back. At best they do okay job that you can live with . The quality will depend on shape of the item, if it has inside corners or nooks then best to find another place. Economy is going to give it a good buffing and throw it in the vat. Tight corners require extra work which volume operatators can't accommodate. If it is a bumper or overider then the job will be done to acceptable standards.

They also have a guy who will remove dents and digs from chrome trim before it is plated .

For Quality chrome plating I am told that Show & Go Chrome ( Bikers Chrome Shop) is the place but the price will knock your socks off. 

Submitted by : Bob Nogueira  

Texas Rubber Supply
 2436 Irving Blvd Dallas
214 North Beach St Ft Worth
PH: 214-631-3143 or 817-831-0301 

This is another industrial supplier so don't go and ask for a 'Morgan' part. But if it is made of rubber and you carry it in they can sell you the material . Hoses, low pressure, high pressure, air liquid, you name it and they can make it up for you with the proper fittings on the end. ( note : due to DOT regulations they will not make up brake hose) 

They also have a great " sheet" department. You can buy sheet rubber off a roll in any thickness, soft, hard, black, white, including foam rubber and solid rubber. They also have blocks of solid rubber which they will cut to your requested size. They also sell the ribbed rubber for the firewall and floors of older Morgans.  

Refered by: Bob Nogueira  

British Auto Parts  
Sportscar Warehouse 
1310 Knight St, Arlington 

Byron has owned and operated Sportscar Warehouse for well over 25 years. He does repairs and sells parts. As a Moss Motors Distributor he can supply anything from the Moss catalog and has the most common parts in stock. He also has an extensive collection of used parts from cars which he parted out.

While he does not have Morgan only parts it is worth asking if he has what you are looking for. I asked if he had any wood steering wheels and he brought out a Les Leston wheel which he took off a Spitfire. The wheel is the exact model used by Morgan for my car.

I have never had any work done by his shop so can not speak to the quality of the shop work. 

Referred by Bob.Nogueira 

Wheel Balancing  
Dallas Frame and Alignment 
2514 Fabens Rd Dallas TX 

You are not going to find a more knowledgeable and nicer crew than at Dallas Frame and Alignment. These guys are all 'old school' which fits nicely with Morgan technology. You won't find any young kid who has to mouth ' righty thighty' to figure out which way to turn the wrench,

They are the only shop in the area that will balance your wheels on the car, For a Morgan this is the perfect way to balance the wheels as it not only balances the tire and wheel but the hubs as well.. The tire is spun by a electric motor at up to 100 MPH. As it is spinning you can see the fender shake. With a strobe light they identify the heavy side and place weights on the low side then spin it again making adjustments to the amount and position of the weights until the wheel no longer shakes the car.

I can say that my car's ride has never been as smooth as it was after having Dallas Frame and Alignment balance the wheels.

( I would point out that they diagnosed a bad wheel bearing and offered me lots of free advise when I told them I would replace the bearing myself.)

I highly recommend them!

for reasons why on car balancing is better see:

Referred by Bob Nogueira 

I have used them through the years. In the '70s I used them to straighten the frames on my rally cars. I took the Morgan to them once, and they said don't even take it off the trailer. However, I have taken
the Morgan to them for an on the car balancing of the wheels and it turned out Ok. I had gone to Dallas Brake and Alignment for many years, but they discontinued on the car balancing and recommended me to Dallas Frame and Alignment. If I ever am serious on getting my wheels balanced again, I will probably go back.
Bill Boyles 

Biswanger Glass 
4222 Harry Hines
Dallas TX 

The windshield for a Morgan can be cut from a stock flat plate of Safety Glass. The shop foreman at this location goes back to the old days before windshields were glued into place and knows how to install a framed windshield If possible I would recommend driving the car to the shop to have the work done. With the car there he will go the extra mile to get the job done right.  

Referred by Bob Nogueira 

McMurray Metals 
3000 Main St

Not many people are going to need this listing but if you need brass stock regardless of size or shape this is the place for you, They carry every size and shape of brass, tubes, rods, sheets angle half round you name it and they have it. I used them when I needed to make a piece of the chrome side trim on the DHC. Took in a sample and they handed me a piece of brass that came close to the profile. A little filing and I had my piece of trim that is unobtainable from any other source. 

Also found they had bronze bushing stock. Bought a four foot piece years ago and simply cut my front bushings from that one piece for many years. 

Referred by Bob Nogueira 

Hardwood Lumber Co of Dallas 
10718 Goodnight Lane, Dallas 

This place is basically a hardwood supplier to commercial users but will sell to individuals. They stock all sorts of hardwoods including Ash and Mahogany. The nice thing is they stock and sell it in the rough cut form so a 1 inch thick board ( 4-4) is actually 1 inch thick not 3/4 inches. They have it in up to 12 to 16 foot lengths and 6 inches thick by 12 inches wide. It is the only wood supplier I have found locally which can supply Ash thick enough to cut all the curved pieces for a Morgan body frame. 

They also have a re-saw and planning service if you need. 

Referred by : Bob Nogueira  

Kingpin stock 
Alloys & Components, Southwest 
2330 Quincy St Dallas 

This is primarily a metal stock supplier to the hydraulics' industry. What they do stock of interest to Morgan owners is one inch hard chrome plated steel bar stock. This is the perfect material for a Morgan kingpin.( see: ) 

They only sell the material so you have to have the holes drilled in the ends by a machine shop.

Referred by: Bob Nogueira 

Upholstery Material 
Sunbelt Fabrics 
2506 Louise Ave.Dallas, Texas 75226  
214-421-9882 or 800/322-8004

Besides fabrics for Safari Tops, etc., they have an inexpensive supply of Lift the Dot fasterners and turnbuckles for tops and tonneaus.
Referred by B.Boyles 

Auto Paint and Auto Upholstery Supply
J & J Supply, Inc. 
2510 White Settlement Rd. Ft. Worth, TX 76107
817-335-5535 or 800-792-2212 Fax 817-877-3316

They supply Auto Paint and Auto Upholstery.
We have done business with them since we've been in Texas and they always come through for us. We were there today (6/2/08) and were able to come up with a material Jeff needed for our '41 Chrysler that goes under the floor pan. We also got most of the upholstery material for our '53 Mog from them.

Bev Podmers 

Upholstery Custom Auto Trim 
2301 Hwy. 1187 Mansfield, TX 76063
Keith Kirk 817-466-9942

Keith does upholstery for hot rods among other things but we used him for doing a hard job on the '53 MOG. We went to three different upholstery shops trying to get a trim put on the
 transmission cover and nobody could do it.
Keith not only did it, he did it well. He is a bit expensive but we are pleased with his work and highly recommend his shop.

Bev Podmers

Auto Parts  
Antique Auto Supply 
1225 Colorado Lane Arlington, Tx

We have been able to get a lot of esoteric bits and bobs from this company. They do foreign and U.S. stuff. Reasonable pricing.

Bev Podmers

Tony's Auto Upholstery
441 East Pioneer Street, Suite 106
Irving, TX 75061
Phone 972-721-1072

Tony runs the place and is always there. You explain the problem to him, and he'll come up with a creative way to fix it. Seat bottom bottoming out? Tony will fix it. Need new leather? Tony will do his best to match it along with original stiching. He is extremely personable, does the job quickly, and is amazingly inexpensive for the quality of work that he does. Pass the word to any owner of a Morgan, or an annoying Triumph, MG, and Sprite. =

Darrel VanDyke

British Wiring
PO Box 185
617 Walnut St.
Bally, PA 19503
(They have color-coded wire, Brit-style bullet connects and other atypical stuff.)

Carl Dreher

Wiring Products, LTS
135 Isidor Ct. Suite B
Sparks Nevada 89441
(They have general purpose wiring products such as different colors of wire in lots of sizes, connector ends, cable covers, etc. Good prices.)
Carl Dreher

BassPro Stores

They have an really good selection of water-proof switches, buttons, batter covers, etc. I bought a really nice fuse-block from them.

Machine Shop
CarQuest Auto Parts #95 
2819 So. Garland Rd. Garland, Texas 75941

I took a head there in 1994 to be welded up and valve work done on it to the tune of $330. When I returned it to my motor rebuilder, he refused to accept it and recommended that I just throw it away. I finally think I gave it , and another bad head, to Podmers, who maybe was going to salvage something.
Submitted by B.Boyles 

JB's Wire Wheels (John)
1201 Hillwood Way
Grapevine, TX 76051  USA

PHONE: 682/223-1628 or 831/227-1376

Works part-time from his garage, has plenty of spares to repair your wire wheels.  Did a great job mounting  and balancing for Shawn McBride.
Cash or Check only.

Please be sure to submit a Comment or Referral to help keep the list growing, Thanks!!
Morgan Motor Car Club
Tex Mog
Product and Service Reviews - Morgan Motor Car Club


Bumpers, all 1958 thru 77; 
1 very nice - $150; 
1 rough, needs repair/chrome - $15; 

Overriders all 1958 thru 77; 
2 very nice, not concours - $45 ea; 
2 rust spotted, need TLC - $10 ea; 
1 rust spotted w dent/top, need repair/chrome - $5; 

3 rear lamp plinths, plated plastic, near concours condition - $10 ea; 
+4 rad stay rod - $10; 
+4 original rad fan, 4-blade, concours - $20; 
4 NOS kingpins w nuts - $10 ea; 
Folding windscreen bracket kit, used, needs polishing - $150.

Bill Blodgett

2.0L Morgan Motor For Sale

Info from the factory: “Engine number TS18781ME is a Triumph TR3 engine supplied to Morgan and fitted to chassis 3758, a LHD Plus 4 2-seater shipped on 09/25/1957 to Fergus Imported Cars Inc. NY, this is an actual Morgan piece with about 850 miles on it.  One oil & filter change. 
I have video of it running in the car just prior to replacement, happy to forward copies. 

The carburetors, gear drive starter, distributor, and alternator are not included.  I get to Dallas reasonably often, would be glad to haul the motor down. 
$3,000 sounds reasonable ...

Bruce Parker
Norman, OK
405-615-6023 cell

1966 Morgan Parts List
Bob N has sourced a VERY complete Plus Four parts list from 1966.   Should you need it as a reference for your project it is posted here in two .PDF files:
Parts List 1 of 2       Parts List 2 of 2

52 MG TD project car

It has a steel 52 body but no interior. The driveline is MGB and it has wire wheel knockoffs. I have most the hardware for the interior such as seat frame, gauges, and trim. What is missing is floorboards brake and clutch master cylinders, and no electricals The car has been setting in my garage for the last 20 years. Pictures on request, 
Tom Croxell 
904 Keenan Circle Plano, TX 75075 
(214) 457-229
1962 Morgan 4/4 (Fiat) 4 Seater 
Chinese red with black fenders/wings; Automatic; Arizona car; Complete restoration in 1996.
See Mog Log for picture
1964 Plus Four 64k Miles
Rust free Texas car; 
Recent complete servicing; 
New tyres w/good spare; 
New battery;Leather interior; 
Weather equiptmet
$30,000 Contact Ed Melmed